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So there’s a good chance that tomorrow I will be accompanying an on-line friend to get her nipples pierced (if she can find a baby sitter). I’ve accompanied friends in the past who had their lips, eyebrows, noses and even their clits pierced. Mostly I held their hands as all of them got the deed done, though I must admit that the clit piercing was the most interesting procedure of all. I couldn’t fathom as to why she went ahead and did this, but I went strictly out of morbid curiosity. Oddly enough, she wound up having the absolute prettiest ummm, well […] I have ever seen, I shit you not. If I took a picture of it, I could have freaggin’ framed it at the Louvre and it would have attracted millions of people.

Anyhoo, pretty poon talk aside, I wouldn’t normally be bothered with tagging along with a buddy for moral support when it comes to situations like this, but this is the very first time my on-line friend and I are meeting which makes it a wee bit odd. I can just picture it now.

“Hi there, you’re [blank] right?”
“How are you doing?”
“Things going well today for you?”
“Oh yeah, those are some very nice breasts you have there… Amazing nipples!”

Kinda weird eh? Eh well, it’ll be a cool story to tell the grand kids I say. Either way, I am going to be there for her to hold her hands and stuff, but I have a weird question. Being as this will be the first time I am meeting her, it’ll be pretty weird to stare at the breasts eh? Yeah, I figured as much.

Ok, so some of you might be saying “Hold on there you freak, you saw another girl’s vagina and you’re wondering if this is ok?” To that I say the situations are totally different. I’ve been very close friends with pretty poon girl for most of my adult life, so it was sort of an eventual step in the flow of the relationship we were having as friends…

Hmmm, there’s no way that can possibly make sense to anyone eh? Dang. Ok, she didn’t have a problem with me being there and what normal guy wouldn’t want to see something like that?? I jumped at that chance, but we were friends so there was no real weirdness or anything. With this thing tomorrow, the weirdness lies in the fact that I’ve never really met this person IRL and I’ll be macking out the breasteses on the first meet up.

Wait a minute… I’m having a problem with this??

Ok, one of you please slap me.


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hahaha and I am sure you will have a great time… and can I ask what the girlfriend has to think about this? lol

My sister’s best friend had her nipples pierced, and she said that she can’t imagine anything in the world ever hurting as much as that did. So, you’ll probably see a side of this girl that many people haven’t.

Hmmm, I was hoping this wasn’t the case. Something tells me I’m going to have my hand removed from my body. *lol*

hmmm I can’t say that I would be happy if my boyfriend were going with another girl to get her nips pierced. and BTW it hurts like hell for awhile then it goes away. You just need to hold her hand.:)

Actually, we’re both pretty cool with things that would freak out most other couples. She goes out with her ex’s all of the time (same holds true for me) and is actually really good friends with my last girlfriend. Heck, they hang out more together than I do with her! *lol*

I’ll remember the hand holding. =)

From what she told me, I think there’s a chance that might actually happen. When she got her nipples pierced, my sister also had her clit pierced, and they said that my sister winced, but that she screamed when her nipples were done. Both ideas sound awful to me. I’ll keep my piercings in my ears, thankyouverymuch.

Hmmmm…rather interesting first meeting…

Eh..go..enjoy …and report details…


>>SLAP< < just cus you asked so nice...>evil giggle<

-I used to have my nipples pierced. More than once.
I so happened to get them pierced at the same time
as my then-boyfriend, Derrick. Mine did not heal
well. I adored them, but they were a bitch to take
care of. I’ve noticed that men heal a lot better than
women. Why don’t you get yours done?

I think if she doesnt care then you shouldnt stress it. I dont think she’ll think your weird for staring at them. I mean.. its that why people do stuff like that anyways… for attention?? She wouldnt get it done if she didnt plan on showing people. YOu just get to see it first…lol Good luck with meeting her!!

You know, I read the same thing about piercings taking a much longer time to heal in women than in men. I wonder if that’s really true.

As to why I don’t do it… I guess I’m just not into that sort of stuff. Back when I was growing up, piercings and tattoos were sort of taboo and the sign of someone who truly wanted to be different and “unique.”

Nowsdays, it’s very much becoming more the norm and people who aren’t tattooed or pierced are becoming the sign of people who want to be different. Funny how things work themselves out eh?

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