You ladies sure have it rough

I have a new found respect for those ladies who try and stay sanitary in a public restroom after reading this little doozy. Who knew taking a piss could be so rough for you guys!

The Art of Hover-Pissing

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What I find annoying is the countless women who see fit to do this in our (nice, clean) public restrooms at work, despite the fact that there are paper ass gaskets aplenty that they could just layer upon the seat and be fine!

I’ll tell you something, hover-pissing is no easy task 😛 I do it all the time. I hate public restrooms, but if you gotta go, you gotta go.

see, there’s a reason why i do squats with my workouts. they come in handy.

I have a phobia about public bathrooms. Woman can be so damn nasty! So, in emergency situations where I have no absolute choice but to use a public restroom, I totally utilize the “hover” technique 🙂

You know though…if you happen to go into a stall after someone has Hovered, and they didn’t clean up after themselves, it’s just as bad as the rest! If you are going to float, then clean up the splatter!!! 🙂

Oh being a women sure does SUCK! As gross as it seems in that lil’ write up it’s so damn true.

Here however in New Zealand The Most grossest thing I have come across with public Toliets isn’t just teh graffitti on the walls to call for a good time Or hat have you But teh Most utter gut puking would be thoise dirty bitches Who Pull of their sanity napkins and rather than Placing then in teh correct Disposiable bin They Dumb it any fuckin’ where no that Really makes me wanna Heave.

Sure Its Blood Its natural But it is teh Most sickiest damn thing one could discover when you Dying for a piddle. And If that isn’t it to top it off.. Its the fact You try each damn toliet to see if There is at least one that you can hovver over like teh mother ship us Chicks can do But in all Sadness no matter how bad you Gotta pee teh Sight isn’t worth Piddle for!

Hence Why I alwasy go before I leave Home and then I’m really damn picky where I go Pee.

Hmmm, I guess they just have a thing about restrooms outside of their house I suppose? Not sure. Don’t know many guys who have a thing about using a public restroom.

Hahahaha! I bet! Now to figure out why I always did squat thrusts when I was a kid… Hmmm…

You know one time while I was at school I had to go real bad, but one of my buddies was having sex in the men’s bathroom (don’t ask) so I ventured into the girl’s bathroom to take care of business and was utterly grossed out at what I saw. Used napkins and tampons all over the place, unflushed toilets, sticky floors… It was the absolute grossest restroom I have ever seen in my life. And this coming from someone that has no issues with using public restrooms and gas station restrooms.

I wound up leaving and waiting for my buddy to finish who luckily was a “two pump chump.” I was in there in no time. 🙂

YEah I’ve even heard horror storys from Cleaners who clean school toliets, Females can be the most dirtiest cows about.

I hate going into bathrooms where girls have managed to pee all over the seat, floor, etc. I hate using public bathrooms but I am a chick who has to pee a lot lol. I have mastered the hover technique really well but I make sure there’s no tinkle on the seat when I am done lol

I abhor public restrooms and do my damndest to avoid using them whenever possible. Gas station bathrooms are used only as a last resort and if I’m in immense pain or discomfort.

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