Wrong priorities

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work yesterday and something really irked me. Apparently, there’s a thing they are doing this month where they give away a turducken every day to a needy person and/or family based on a listener recommendation. So yesterday, they called this woman who’s family is undergoing some pretty bad stuff.

Apparently, the father has had this life long dream of becoming a police officer. He finally fulfilled this dream by taking the courses and getting a law enforcement job for a college in NJ leaving his contracting job and taking a 50% pay cut as an officer. Previous to this event, his daughter was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and has been going through the necessary treatments. So, since switching to the new job, the father soon learned that the new insurance company does not take care of the medical bills for his daughter so, they’re essentially in the poor house now. The father became depressed about the whole situation and the fact that he had to give up his dream of being a cop. So he went back to contracting to be able afford the treatments for the daughter and get back on his old insurance. As such, they pretty much only eat hot dogs, pasta and the like for now, thus they were chosen for this turducken prize of the day. They called the mom and let her know about the story they heard and how they wanted to offer this to them as a way to make things better. You could just tell the mom accepted it because it was the right thing to do, but was rather flustered by the token.

Is it me or if you were in her position you could care less about getting a silly dinner for a few nights? I mean, here’s my daughter going through this and I can’t afford to pay her bills all because the hubby essentially wanted to fulfill a selfish dream and wind up ruining the family’s finances. So a damn chicken in a duck in a turkey will make my life better? Luckily other people called in to actually offer real help like money and advice on ways to get free treatment for the daughter and such. I don’t know, but that whole act just irked me. I told the g/f about this yesterday night and she had the same exact reaction as I did.

What do you all think about this?

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“Turducken” sounds gross to me! Eeew.

I hate stories like that where a whole family suffers because of one of the parents selfishness. It makes me mad!

On the other hand, don’t government employees get the best medical coverages? See it’s things like this that make me in favour of socialized healthcare, that girl lives in a rich country, she should be getting treated whether her daddy can pay the bill or not.

hmm, that turducken thing sounds bizarre, and looks gross. then again, i’m a veg head 😛

i think that whole concept is a bit odd myself. it’s not like that really does anything in the long run!

I have to say that it’s never wrong to follow your dreams. Being a cop is a highly rsepectable dream. Cops don’t get paid near enough. Let’s knock a football player’s 1mill down and help out some cops! You have to give him props for giving up his dream for his daughter. It’s sad that there are dad’s out there that wouldn’t care less.

I also think that any help is wonderful. The fact that someone thought of them, even though it’s just a meal is so damn thoughtful. I could however see the family having an issue with their pride. Sometimes it’s the seemingly small gestures in life that make the biggest impact. If anything to let the family know they are not alone.

The Turducken concept is revolting yet intriguing at the same time.

If this happened to me, I would seek out the friend who recommended me for such a lame thing and destroy.

I think these things are totally stupid. I once heard one where these people were struggling to get by day to day, having trouble paying bills and what do they give them? A cruise. Oh great, so they can go and realize how wonderful life could be just to come home and realize how much their life sucks. This is also assuming they get vacation let alone paid vacation. Now they’re more in the hole then when they started and all they have is this memory of how great things could be. If that was me I would say: “Wonderful. How about using that money to get me a grocery store gift card or a gift card to a store so I can put some clothes on my kids back because the last thing I need right now is a f-ing cruise.”

As a social worker I see this kind of stuff all the time. It is amazing how people think something so small could make such a difference. No one is going to give a shit about a turducken or whatever the hell it is when the girl is dying in the hospital. And the father is one selfish son of a bitch.


Yeah gov’t employees tend to get really good insurance plans. I’d love to see some form of socialized health care too, but I really doubt the US would go that route. The insurance companies are much too powerful to allow something like that and stop getting their $$$. Sad isn’t it?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with following your dreams, but when it involves the risk of possibly doing damage to your family, then it’s the biggest mistake you can make. The problem with this guy was that even while he was a contractor his daughter had this condition. So, he went into a job where he *knew* he was going to take a pay cut. He should have also known full well to ask about the insurance too knowing his daughter was sick before taking the job. There are lots of insurance companies (like the one I have now) that do not take care of pre-existing (sp?) conditions with regards to claims.

That’s where my biggest problem with everything is pretty much. If I were in this guy’s shoes I would have sucked it up and continued being a contractor because it took care of my family. I’m all for following my dream, but when I have a family to provide for they are my primary responsibility, not any unfulfilled dreams I may have had. The man simply had his priorites way out of whack in my opinion.

Ex-fucking-actly. Sure, it’s a nice gesture, but come on… One night of a decent meal is not going to pay off the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills they have to take care of.

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