Niacin me baby

Welp, just got a call from hottie doc and she also told me my cholesterol didn’t change too much from before and it’s a little higher then we’d both like for it to be. Luckily, there’s no need for major medication, just some slight changes to my diet and add more Niacin to my daily vitamin intake. Apparently, Niacin has been shown to help raise the “good” cholesterol when taken in normal amounts (around 16mg a day for male adults). Luckily, Centrum and orange juice contain a little more than enough of the stuff for me not to worry about hitting the supermarket. However, I remember reading somewhere where vitamin pills (like Centrum) don’t really work because they do not fully dissolve in your system and deliver the nutrients properly. Is this true? Have any of you heard the same?

The exercise I will get from the gym membership plus the change in diet will help blast away that crappy “bad” cholesterol from my blood fairly soon. Plus, hopefully get me my old six-pack before this summer hits. Weeeeee! Of course, I can’t stand the summer nor the sun so it doesn’t really matter now does it. *lol*