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Folks, when you talk to your IT guy at work, be as succinct as possible when describing your problem. Our help desk guy is out for the day so I had to fill in for him which I completely do not mind. Sometimes, fixing a paper jams is much better than establishing a bunch of Active Directory GPOs for application deployments and hardening a few Exchange and SQL servers. Ya know, kind of breaks the monotony of things.

Until that is, when I get cornered into listening a user blab on for 20 minutes about a problem she was having. First it was something with her Internet connection which melded into her son’s marriage problems which melded into an e-mail problem which melded into a printing problem which in reality turned out to be:

She forgot to put in an ink cartridge into her printer.

Yup, she couldn’t print an e-mail her son sent because she forgot to do that.

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Yup, she couldn’t print an e-mail her son sent because she forgot to do that.

Dead god, I feel your pain. I will never forget the sound of this lady’s mouse clicking on her monitor as she lifted it from the pad to ‘place it on the icon’ as I had instructed her.

oh dear. I really, really feel for you. I hate stupid people.

Man, that sucks. I hate it when people carelessly waste your time like that.

LoL 🙂 I used to know of this site online that had a whole list of stupid customers they’d try to help out over the phone. The funnist was this guy who couldn’t figure out why his computer wasn’t working. He was told to hit the power button again – nothing happened. He was told to make sure all the wire were connected and plugged in – they were, but nothing happened. After telling him to look for something on the back of the computer, he told the tech he couldn’t see the back of it. The tech asked why not and the man told him… he lost electricity an hour ago.

i’m a help desk girl 🙂

people call and go, “uh, I got an error.”

and i’m thinking, and you are……? and the error is…..?

they must think I have telepathy! 😛

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