Drop my skirt for 20 bucks

What the living fuck is WRONG with Ivana on The Apprentice?!?! Dropping your god damn skirt for 20 bucks to sell chocolate?? Are you fucking kidding me? If Trump doesn’t rip her a new asshole, I lose all respect for him and this damn show. It’s bad enough none of these people deserve the apprentice position this time (Jen is the only person I would be willing to like to see win), to pull this crap is sinking to a horrible low for any person in the legitimate business world. Sheesh!

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I hate women like that….. they give the rest of us a bad name…. she deserves to be kicked off.

I hate Jen!!

My three favorites are left – I was a little sad to see Andy go last week, but I think it was to be expected.

Kevin and Sandy are my two favorites. I try not to let the fact that I think Kevin is A+ Cute in my book make me too biased, but his compassion and desire to donate during the one task to the leukemia society won me over completely.

I am sooooooooooooo glad Ivana is gone. Tramp.

Well we all know how she plans to get to the top don’t we? Or is that on top? hmmmmm

I was blown away by that hideous display last night. I didn’t even think “The M&M sisters” lil whore-let attire ploy was very classy either. They are representing M&M, and I seriously doubt that is how they want to be portrayed.

Jen sucks. But I have a feeling she’s gonna win.

I can’t stand any of them to be honest. I pretty much only liked Bradford and then he had to go and pull that bone headed move. It’s such a different show than it was last year. At least last year you had some excellent contenders at the end (Kwame, Bill, Troy…). This year, they’re all ass hats. Kevin definitely needed to go this week after that crap he pulled by selling the candy at that price. He’s actually needed to go for a few weeks. That Kelley guy looks like a nut job to me. Sandy I can not stand and should have been fired at the beginning. Jen’s well, not my cup of tea at all, but she’s got the best business sense there and she knows when to shut up when she has to and and jump in when needed. Of course having a background in law helps her with that… But, of the lesser of four evils, she’s my choice.

I have a feeling it’s going to be Kelley and Jen at the end.

I completely agree, and had their team lost, Jen would have most definitely gotten fired because it was her idea.

They all suck, but I agree with you. I think Jen’s going to win.

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