Gobble gobble gobble my little freakies

They’re letting us out of work early today to avoid the shit traffic and rain that will most likely make our trips hell later today. Won’t have much time to update this weekend since I’m reformatting and rebuilding my home PC tonight as well as moving all of my domains over to DreamHost since I am losing my dedicated server. Then heading up to the ‘rents house tomorrow morning to upgrade/patch/cleanse four machines and install a new wireless nic for my bro’s machine and slap in a better (802.11g) wireless router for them on top of feasting on mom’s deee-lish turkey that evening. Friday through Sunday I’m actually going to be at work again, since no one will be in the building, so that I could do some major network maintenance (push out a newer version of Office, make sure the patch server works on production servers and prep our Active Directory for the 2003 upgrade in a couple of weeks) and build the new server rack for the new goodies I got in this week. Yes, your friendly neighborhood geek has his weekend all cut out for him.

Hopefully your holiday weekend will have much less action (well unless you’re getting some of the other type of action, heh heh heh) and a ton more relaxation! Happy turkey day folks!

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Hmm, welp, I pretty much liked the fact that I could pretty much do everything I needed to do via SSH since I can not stand working with control panels and the space I got and the monthly transfer rate was pretty good. I looked at like 30 other places before I decided on DH.

I also used them waaaaay back in the day (mid to late 90s) when I ran my advice web site and the service was really good then. Their service did not seem to go down any since I recommended them to a bunch of my friends recently who ran blogs, so I decided to use them as well for now until I get another dedicated server again in the future.

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