Anal massage anyone??

Hmm, Target is sure venturing out to cater to specific tastes. Here’s the link (definiftely not going to be up much longer once blog lands find out):

Anal Massage link

Here’s my screencaps just to prove it existed (click to embiggen). =)

13 replies on “Anal massage anyone??”

oh dear, well now.. i have *got* to get me one of those. 😉

And how did you come across this, mister… hmnnn?

P.S. Did you order one? 😀

Ooooh! Target is kinky! I like it! 😉

I wonder what their return policy on that product is, lol.

One?!?! Pffft, I got a few dozen. I mean come on, cheap anal massages don’t come every day. 😉

Actually, I got it from I subscribe to the RSS feed and check it out on a daily basis. Always some cool links there to follow like this one about a couple of seventh graders trying to poison their classmates… Ewwww!

Who knew right? 😉

I’d imagine this one falls under the software category. Once used it can’t be brought back unless it’s for an exchange of a similar product. Ya know, one person’s massages isn’t the other person’s. 😉

Good to know I’d only have to wait a month to a month and a half

OMG, that is some wicked shit! I fave placed the site. 😀

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