Recipe boxes anyone?

Ok, so this year the g/f and I are getting each other one thing that we need since we’re both saving up for our own big things. So I let her know I needed more gift certs for Men’s Warehouse since they make the dress shirts that I enjoy wearing and I need a few more. She just told me she wants a very nice recipe box.

So, I’m looking around for recipe boxes and I can’t find them anywhere. Is this something I can pick up like at a Williams-Sonoma? Also, what consitutes a “nice” recipe box? Are they made of marble or silver or something else? Do they come in different sizes? Typically, I store all of my recipies in e-mails, so I have no damn clue what type to get. Why couldn’t she say something easy like earrings or something? Grrrr.

And yes, even though she said she only wanted one thing, I’m getting her a few other things as well… 😉

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Recipe boxes do come in different sizes and are made of different materials. You should consider the decor of her kitchen, because she might want something that matches, if she is into the whole decorating thing.

The one I have in my kitchen is wooden, and it has a little ledge-type thing on the outside where I can put the recipe card that I am using at the time, to keep it up off the counter and away from getting messy.

Williams-Sonoma would probably be a good place to look. Or maybe another upscale store like Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, or the Pottery Barn. Bed, Bath, & Beyond, maybe?

If you are feeling creative you could get a regular file card box and dress it up – put her name on it, paint it her favorite color or to match her kitchen, etc and then even put in a couple of yummy recipes on cards too 🙂

you can get wooden file card boxes at Amazon and just about any craft store

Hi! Sarah/tat2whttrsh recommended you to me as a friend recently! I went through that link you directed people to in your bio and woohoo! I’m a trekkie geek, too. My boyfriend teases me relentlessly about it (before finally admitting only a few weeks ago that he was once a trekkie geek, too lol).

I hope you don’t mind! I’m a 28 year old single mommy to three little ones (ages 6, 5, and 3). 😀

Hmm, this is also a good possibility! I’ll definitely look into creating one for her as well!

My box is wooden…mom got it for me. It’s got a ledge on the outside to prop the recipe up on, as well as dividers on the outside. You should consider the decor of the kitchen, as well as your woman. Is she a girly-girl or more of a practical, wash and wear type? You’ll find plenty at the stores mentioned…good luck!

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