Didn’t hit her hard enough

And you really have to wonder why Americans are considered such fucking litigious morons around the world.

Woman struck by train sues railroad

That damned half-wit would have been a great contender fo the Darwin Awards if you ask me.

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Did she not hear the train coming? What a loon. She must have not seen Stand By Me.


“If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That’s easy. Pez. Cherry flavor Pez. There’s no doubt about it.” =)

*passes over the pin that I am soon going to make* Stupid People Should Die…Here’s a Gun

There ya go! hope that makes ya happier!

good god, just like the lady that spilled the McDonald’s coffee on her and sued them….

Woah yeah. That dumbass pretty much started all of these stupid lawsuits. She must be like that head vampire in “The Lost Boys”. Get rid of her and all of the stupid law suits should stop right? 😉

Exactly what are “fire proof” cigarettes??????

and exactly HOW can people sue fast food places (ie: MickyD’s) for making them obese??? did Micky d’s force them to eat????

YOU Just have to question the mentality of people…

She should be lined up along the rest of the stupid people in this country and be shot via execution style.

*sigh* people will come up with just about anything to sue someone else to get a free dime. At the time, it shocked me when the coffee lady won the lawsuit against McD. But, now nothing shocks me over what people sue and win money for these days.

LOLOLOL Awesome coupon there! But yeah, you’re right about the Mickey D’s thing. I mean what moron doesn’t know if you eat a few happy meals per dayw ouldn’t make you fat. Sheesh!

Me neither. When that whole Vioxx thing came out recently, THE DAY AFTER I heard the lawyer commercials looking for easy money. We really need to shoot all of the lawyers in ths country.

Want to know the reason we have high medical expensive? Lawyers.
Want to know the reason we have high auto insurance? Lawyers.


“for failing to warn pedestrians that trains travel on tracks.”

If that idiot couldn’t figure that out then she is too damn stupid to be walking anywhere. God, people like that just friggin kill me!

I don’t know which suit is the most pathetic…this woman’s or the teenage girls’ who were overweight and sued McDonald’s.

I’d like to hit them all diretly with a train loaded with cattle on it’s way to McDonald’s.

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