Day of Destruction

Are any of you watching Day of Destruction on CBS now? Oh my god this movie is so horrible, but I can’t stop watching it!?!?! My god, the acting is so atrocious in this movie and the special effects look like something I would do on my machine.

However, for some unknown reason, I can not pry my eyes off this. Must resist the urge to the keep station on while commercials are playing… I must…


Movie started again. Dammit.

Eh well. Hey, if anyone would like a gmail address, let me know. I’ve got 6 to give out.

4 replies on “Day of Destruction”

I watched it… and yes, the acting and effects sucked. But I love natural disaster movies, so I watched it anyway!

I watched the first half and ended up goofing off on LJ during the second. Guess I didn’t miss much.

I do like Randy Quaid though. He is so funny. I love him in Christmas Vacation.

Hmmm, perhaps that would explain why I always watch those types of movies as well. I just can’t pry myself away from any movie involving the destruction of a city/planet.

Yeah, Randy Quaid’s part was pretty cool and funny in this as well. You definitely did not miss much at all.

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