Here’s looking at you kid

One of my very close friends wanted to see what I looked like since I shaved my head some months ago. I’m extremely camera shy, but she convinced me to take a pic with my cam while I was geeked out in my glasses chillin in my pj’s and reading the lastest news on SlashDot. Here we go ya silly thang. =) Let’s finally get around to doing lunch next week ‘tay?

21 replies on “Here’s looking at you kid”

-Hot. Major hotness. You said you had a girlfriend, right?
That’s a damn shame.

Color me pleasantly surprised – you are very handsome! Your girlfriend is a lucky gal. 🙂

ooolalaalaa… nice pic there. Good luck with your test results on ya heart.. ( lubdub) I’ve missing in action.. Too busy to post this week..

-I like YOUR icon, too. Two people in the same post. I *adore*
“My So-Called Life”.

I have a thing for the dark and handsome, too bad I’m married. *wink wink*

Must just add my voice to the chorus – very cute indeed!

You a very nice looking guy 🙂 Thank you for sharing *HUGS*


Very cute indeed.
*insert inappropriate phrase in spanish here.*

Well mine is a little late…but you know I think you’re a hottie! 🙂

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