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Is anyone watching Law & Order now? Turns out the plot involves a gay governor (from Connecticut, close enough) who is sexually harassing someone he is thinking of hiring. *cough* McGreevy *cough* Of course since this is TV, there’s an interesting plot twist where the governor’s wife is killed because she was going to out him and force his resignation. My oh my how things come back to bite people in the ass. *lol*

Oddly enough, I was having a fairly interesting discussion with a group of friends the other day involving the presidency of the US. Since the time of this country’s inception, there has always been an older white male Christian president (not too sure about the Christian part) in charge of this country. One day in the future, this lineage will be broken and someone from a different race, gender or background will become president. Who do you think this person will be? I’d love to see your views on this subject.

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I’d love to see a woman, an African-American or a Hispanic president, but I think it will take another generation before it happens. All of those folks are making progress, but it will take some time before they’re in a position equal to those in the “good ‘ol boy network”.

Hillary may just be powerful enough to pull it off in 2008 (if she runs), if she doesn’t, it’s anyone’s guess who will break the barrier. No matter the case, it will be an interesting day when that happens.

Yeah, here in NJ, we just LOVE Governor McButt-pirate! He was an asshole BEFORE all the gay allegations and the like…

JFK was the first Christian President, btw.

I missed that Law and Order. I must have been watching CSI.

Crazy, addictive crime shoes.

I think Geirge Carlin should be president. Everything he says makes sense.

“Turn golf courses into homeless shelters!”

I think Hillary Clinton would make a great president I also think that Colin Powell would be a wonderful President as well 🙂 We shall see I am looking forward to the day when I see it happen *HUGS*


hmmm president eh? well. I think a woman will become president in my life time. But a gay president? Do you really think Americans are ready for that? People are so judegemental, not just gender selection, but for goodness sakes people where chit-chatting that kerry looked like a mortician. I could care less who is president, Man, women, gay? As long as this person looked out for the public’s best interest. Do you think one day we will get it right?
PS If I see one more sappy-crappy grin on Bushes face Ima scream. Is this man excited or what? I think he thought he lost, he’s grinnin so much he looks like a guy who got laid on a prom date for the first time.. good god!

Pfft, damn right! Couldn’t stand that bastard sice day 1. However, the one thing I will give him is getting the right person to fix the DMV. That’s the only thing he coule probably be proud of.

Ahah! I knew I was off on the religious comment I made. Thanks for the info. 🙂

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