So I’m a geek??


Is it so wrong that I prefer to watch educational television more than the moronic crap that is on right now?

Sorry folks, just a little annoyed at a friend of mine who made fun of me because she thinks I’m the one rotting my brain because I want to learn the way early humans explored our world.

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-I second that. I am all about The History Channel, PBS
and anything that won’t rot my brain.
But, I also watch SOME crap.

I like more brain-power related shows too…

Why is that guy pointing a giant glass dildo at the other guy? 🙂

I prefer the history channel and the discovery channel…I think it was the discovery channel who recently had a show called…Inside the davinci code..or something like that…interesting much so I tiVo’d it…LOL for later viewing…

But yea… im a dorky geek at times..
at least im cute!

I saw your name here, and thought..boy do i have an icon for you….feel free to take it if you want it…

Peace :o)

Does the biggest loser count? The swan? ummmm The tony danza show?
just kidding 🙂 Actually my fave channel is court TV, second is the discovery channel.Third is the decorating channel. :)~

Hehe, well I must admit that I regularly watch “The Apprentice” but only cuz I happen to be a fan of “The Don.” Though this season definitely sucks a million times more than last seasons which was pretty damn good.

My absolute favorite is Discovery channel (or TLC) but I don’t have cable anymore so it’s usually PBS for me. But I’m pretty lucky because in my area normal TV has 4 different PBS stations with almost always different programming. 🙂

Hey now… geeky girl = SEX-AY girl. 😀

Actually, “The Biggest Loser” which I do not watch, I at least can see has repectable content and is leading towards something positive.

I had an argument with an idiot in school about Taboo (a show on National Geographic where they show how different cultures deal with death, marriage, homes, death…it’s graphic but it’s educational) and how she said I should be watching America’s Next Top Model around that time. Stupid ho.

Dave…there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re increasing brain cells that way!

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