Welcome to Club Wondersex

So I needed to get some blood work done and went this morning to a Quest Diagnostics midway between home and work. I sat there waiting for what must have been an hour waiting to be called up for my info. Once, I get all of the paperwork straightened out, I was shuttled into the back area where the nurses draw your blood.

I sit down in one of the rooms and all of a sudden this really tall hot blonde nurse with the grayest eyes I ever seen comes in and in a very authoritative German accent, tells me to get up and remove my jacket. Then when I am done, she has me sit down on the chair they use to draw blood and again in her stern voice tells me to roll up my sleeves. She started to walk towards the back of the office area and let me tell you, for someone in her early to mid 40s, she had one of the most absolutely terrific asses I have seen on a woman! However, my dumb ass kept staring at it for so long that she caught me.

Yeap… She caught red handed (or is it red eyed?).

I was pretty embarrassed that she caught me and I saw the smirk on her face when I started blushing and she flat out said, “Yes, I know it’s a great ass, I catch you naughty men looking all the time” and I couldn’t help but laugh as she started chuckling with me. Wooooo! Let me tell you, I was relieved she wasn’t going to go ape shit for catching me checking her out. Either way, after that little tension breaker on her part, she was very nice and comforting while taking the 8 vials of my blood. I don’t know if it was the authority in her voice or those piercing grey eyes or that damned fine ass or the fact that my blood was being drained, but I was quite turned on being in that nurse’s office this morning. I would definitely not mind being tied up by her in that outfit ordering me around for a few hours.

Nope, no siree bob.

Not one bit chief.


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FIRST of all I hate QUEST!!!…LOL I hate any medical offices..(funny cuz i work in one) second..I dont care how hot the nurses ass was SHE Wouldnt turn me on…HE..maybe..but prolly not..Im a big baby when it comes to having blood taken..I hate needles..crazy cuz I love tattoos..and I have 2..go figure..anyhow…Im glad she was a good diversion for you..

Take care of you
Be well!


hehe, ok, so who HASN’T had this fantasy…

LOL! You must have really been staring obviously for her to comment! LOL! That’s great. Fun story, heh.

Yeah, Quest does bite some rather smelly monkey ass. Though, I have no problems having blood drawn. Most people look away when it happens, I watch it through all the way. Something cool about it to me.

Hehe, woo yeah, she was most definitely a nice diversion. *lol*

Staring doesn’t quite put into words what I was doing. *lol* More like I was mesmerized! 🙂

8 vials?!? Dude, that’s not a nurse, it’s a vampire! RUN!!

Heh. Damn, now I may have to face Buffy. Gah!

Actually, it was like 3 long vials and 5 really small ones, I guess my doc wants a bunch of tests.

**cough cough** .. moi, is a nurse. And i’d like to tell you that us nurses ( the hot ones anyway).. act seductive on purpose!! I mean what a boring day, pop pills, fill syringes, empty bed pans.. yuck… A girl has to feel wanted!! So walking in and out of a room and bending over ( have to stetch the glutes)keeps us DIVA NURSES! 🙂
nice story, actually one to write. hmmmm pen in hand….

Hmmm, you by any chance wouldn’t have been working in the central Jersey area at around 10am yesterday at a diagnotic center eh? 😉

Ooooh stories, do tell do tell! 😀

ok ok..
once upon a time.. there was this blonde nurse… and she….

No I wasn’t in central Jersey. I was right here in NY

LOL! If only every time you get stuck with a needle would be that exciting. Waiting rooms would never be empty!

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