Or else it gets the hose again

Thanks for the well wishes folks.

Turns out the doc has no idea what is wrong with me, but he did mention of some people with a weird disorder where their adrenaline gland produces way too much adrenaline sometimes which would cause what I had. However, that’s a genetic thing and I have never heard of anything like that in my family so he discounted it.

I did get an EKG while I was there which was REALLY cool. They take these stickers and slap them all over your body and then hook up this machine to them to see if your heart is behaving right. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but I would imagine the ‘rents would freak tomorrow when I go home to visit when I tell them all of this.

Either way, I have to go back in again very soon to get an ultrasound of my heart and then some blood work is in order for your truly. They recommended I get a blood pressure monitor to keep track of my blood pressure over the next few weeks before I go back in for a check up in a month. I kind of freaked out the doc because he couldn’t get a decent diastolic while I was there. I kept on getting weird numbers like 130/110 and 135/106 which were way way off. Well, the systolic (the top number) was rather normal but the bottom one was extremely high which was why they brought in the EKG. I got the monitor and got three normal results for myself in the 128/81 range just now. I guess something was funky at the doc’s office and I got those excessive numbers.

Either way, there’s really no difference in the way I feel, but at least it looks like I’m not dying of a heart attack anytime soon. Hopefully I won’t start my little fits when I go to be in a little bit. Night night folks and thanks again for the well wishes. 🙂

UPDATE: To generally answer most of the comments: Actually, I did ask the doc about an anxiety (panic) attack while I was there because my boss said it sounds like I had anxiety attacks. The doc pretty much said that wasn’t the case because almost always these types of attacks are brought upon by larger problems like drug/alcohol abuse, depression and/or heart disease or a screwed up thyroid. Since there’s no instance of heart or thyroid conditions in my family’s history and I’m fairly heathy with respects to my heart (a slighty evelated cholesterol count last year, but nothing to be worried about) and I don’t drink (other than occasional wine with dinner) or do drugs or suffer in the least bit from depression I’m not counting it either. Also, I don’t drink coffee or tea (can’t stand those drinks really) which he says is a big catalyst for these type of attacks. He did mention that the candy may have had soemthing to do with the first occurence on Tuesday, but since I stayed away from the stuff after that day, then I wouldn’t have had the shakes and heart thing on Wednesday and the continuing pain on Thursday, yesterday (and today). So, it seems I’m more of an enigma. 🙂 w00t! Thanks for the thoughts and advice though! 🙂

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I was just going to ask what the person above me asked. Maybe it could be some sort of anxiety attack?

I was just going to ask if they could be anxiety attacks. I suffer from anxiety, and have had some pretty scary attacks.

Thanks very kindly. 🙂 Not completely better but it doesn’t sound life threatening or anything which is all the news I’d like to hear for now. 🙂

Just saw this now – gosh, that must have been pretty scary. The whole attack, I mean. Hope it improves soon, or that they can at least get some idea of what’s wrong with you.

I leave for a few days and you fall apart!!??
whoa, what is going? your heart? EKG?
First off are you going to a cardiologist? That is the place to be. Second, did you have a stress test?
Is your heart, skipping, running fast or galluping? All of that is very important.
Something about panic attacks. Most anxiety attacks are not caused by drug/booze addciton or depression or etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. most occur out of the blue for NO reason at all.
Most times they esculte due to our fear that it is a heart attack or stroke and they get out of control. But the initial onset is quick and fast and out of the blue. I’m not saying they are panic attacks because first you have to rule out everything medical like blood sugar, etc. But it could be. Many people get weird thinking that they do “that racey thing to their heart’s themselves” It happens.
I wish you well and keep me posted~

Will do! In the process of setting up an ultrasound of my heart now. Ugh, such red tape with these damn insurance companies…

urghhhhhhhh insur. co…. yikes… gross… (( spitting))) Took me three business days to fight with them for the authorization number for the CAT scan. Call them and ‘push’ alittle. They don’t know how you have insur. So what I did was tell them I self pay ( really do thou) and that I wanted an answer faster, or I’d be shopping quickly for new insur. Good luck.. Montana~

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