Yeah I know it sucks

So again Senor Bush is in charge of this great land of ours and you know what, it sucks to say it, but I saw it coming a mile away. I’m not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat anymore. I used to be a full fledged Dem but living in Jersey under Democratic rule quickly proved that thinking along those lines can be just as evil and fucked up as thinking like an elephant. I’m more middle of the line towards “I don’t really care” because all politicians are lying pieces of shit and really only look out for their parties and their friends. This is precisely why I can not stand politics. It’s like fucking high school all over again on a country wide scale.

Believe me, I really wanted Bush out. The man has single-handedly made us the laughing stock of the world. However, Kerry was most definitely not the right person to overthrow Bush and it was very obvious in this election. I mean to not take a state (Ohio) that has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs mostly due to our government’s actions and give it back to the guy that lost them those jobs in the first place speaks volumes! The Democratic party made a HUGE mistake making that man their voice for a new government. To be brutally honest, even at the beginning they did not have anybody good enough to overthrow Bush.

You can not win an election by simply saying the other guy is wrong. You need to clearly present your ideas and how you plan on implementing them, not continually bring up facts that we all already know to drive your point across. We know Bush didn’t fight in a war, we know about Haliburton (sp?), we know about the job losses. Continually bringing this stuff up only makes you look like you have no policy yourself. Granted I could simply hit your web site and read about your views and ideas, you need to do this during the debates in your commercials. You have to understand that in this country especially, the appearance you present in the media greatly influences your voters. Merely bringing up the inadequacies of your opponent makes you look like that schmuck who works in the office who tells the boss how you messed up to get ahead in the ranks. Also, don’t try to kiss everybody’s ass because no one can respect a boot licker. For god’s sake, shooting a fucking goose to get the gun vote? WTF is wrong with you??

I could go on forever as to why the Democratic party failed America this time around. However, Dave completely expresses how I (and a whole mess of other people) feel about this election and why Bush won. You want to stick it to Bush? Think 2006 folks, when Congress goes through it’s elections. Let’s not forget… Part of the reason Bush is spending like a rich old lady on Madison Ave in NYC is that both Congress and the Senate are Republican. They’ll let him spend anything he wants, like a spoiled single child in a rich family. Stick him with a mostly Dem congress in 2006 will most certainly keep him at bay somewhat. As far as 2008? I can’t see any Dems doing a bit of damage in the presidential race, but most definitely take it primarily in the Senate. Hillary? Puh-leaze… I don’t know very many New Yorkers that can stand her and I think she’s an idiot. Granted I know there will be a female president in my lifetime, it will most certainly not be her.

Personally, I’d love to see Gore take a stab at it again in 2008 or Jon Stewart. 😉

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“because all politicians are lying pieces of shit and really only look out for their parties and their friends.”

I couldn’t agree more with you!! I swear, nowdays I vote against the other person instead of it being because I support the person I voted for. It would be nice if we could actually have people running that we could believe.

I would totally vote for John Stewart! I love him! On the other hand I do not know if I see a female president in my lifetime or not, but I do think the next democratic candidate needs to be from the south to keep the republican from taking control of the southern states. Kinda like Bill Clinton back in the day.

I dont see the big deal with Hillary ,Im still confused how she got elected to the senate to begin with…but anyway, I guess I Shouldnt talk, we had Christi Todd Whitman as Gov’nr. So so much for taste…eh..

I’m not to keen on Gore either, he sorta gives me the creeps. Hes like that kid that sits in the back of the classroom in highschool, yaknow the one..who doesn’t say or do much, but there’s just something about him/her you JUST don’t like…

Anyhooo..just wanted to pop in and say hey..from one NJersian to another../wave

I agree – I don’t think Kerry was the best choice. In fact, he was my second to last choice back when there were more candidates (he was barely above Howard Dean). I personally liked Clarke, then thought Edwards could do good things. When everyone slowly started dropping out and Kerry was left, that basically determined who was getting my vote. It’s too bad that the election turned into a “let’s vote for whoever has the chance of getting the most votes so we can get Bush out of office” instead of “let’s vote for the candidate that best supports our ideals and values and that we feel will do the best job as President”. Bush said “America has spoken”, yet I don’t believe he fully understood what America SAID.

well well said. I voted for Kerry, but did I think he was the best candidate? hell no! I had to pick the lesser of two evils. I’m not surprised Bush got in again, I think people are afraid of change especially in a ‘war’.
I watched something this morning, between the sleepy blur in my eyes. I wanted to smack Bush in the face. He was on a podum with the most doofiest, cheesiest sappy grin. Yuck…
oh well another four years to look forward to…

very well put!
i voted this election year, but it was more of a “better of two evils” type cast.


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