I’m Danny Crane

I’m not sure if anyone who reads this is a fan of the new show “Boston Legal,” but yesterday’s episode made me a little sad. For those of you who do not know about it, it’s a spin-off of “The Practice” which stars James Spader, (tons of 80’s movies and the movie version of “StarGate”) William Shatner and now guest starring Rene Auberjonois (Constable Odo from ST: DS9). Now being the voracious Star Trek freak… err, fan that I am, I am instantly drawn to any show/movie/theatre production starring any Star Trek series actor. In this series, Shatner plays the supreme lawyer of lawyers who’s very name brings forth fear on the opposing side which he plays brilliantly. The character he plays seems to be much too aloof for someone his age often just stating his name to drive a point across.

To some characters within the show’s law firm, it seems like he’s on the verge of coming down with Alzheimer’s which is understandable in the way he acts most of the time. However, he always manages to pull off a brilliant tactic or get the opposing law firm to back down or settle for huge amount of money and save the day (ala Kirk). Last night’s episode however, ended with Shatner’s characters coming to the realization that he might indeed have Alzheimer’s after that day’s courtroom proceedings where he completely blanked while giving his opening argument.

Which, in turn, may mean that his days on the show may be numbered which kind of sucks. Dunno… It was kind of a let down that it looks like he might leave the show in the near future, possibly after the first season.

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I just started watching The Practice at the very end, right about when Shatner was introduced. I didn’t catch last nights, but I do generally watch BL, and I like it!! I love how Spader and Shatner play off each other. I hope they dont take him off.

Yeah, they do make a good match with each other. I like how at the end of most episodes, they sit on the balcony and sip their drinks going over the day’s accomplishments and offering words of wisdom to each other. It’s very father/son like of them.

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