Thirteen to one

Not sure why I’m into the memes lately, but this one found at dragonjen92576’s caught my eye. 🙂

Thirteen random things you like:
01) Yogurt
02) Cold weather (especially in Dec-Feb)
03) Lightning, with lots of thunder
04) Neverwinter Nights
05) A big plate of hummus and some pitas
06) The smell of a pipe
07) “Walking on sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves
08) Short hair on women
09) Glasses on women
10) Sleeping with the windows cracked open in the winter
11) Going out for a drive for the heck of it
12) Pr0n
13) Alyson Hannigan

Twelve movies you like:
01) Braveheart
02) Swingers
03) Things to Do in Devner When You’re Dead
04) The Shawshank Redemption
05) Pulp Fiction
06) Resevoir Dogs
07) Clerks
08) Lord of the Rings (all of them)
09) Mystic River
10) The Princess Bride
11) Weird Science
12) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Eleven good bands/artists:
01) Metallica
02) Stevie Ray Vaughn
02) AC/DC
03) Ramones
04) Stone Temple Pilots
05) The Who
06) Dire Straits
07) Sarah McLachlan
08) Stevie Wonder
09) Ella Fitzgerald
10) Louis Armstrong
11) Queen

Ten things about you… physically:
01) Shaved head (brown)
02) Brown eyes
03) Long eyelashes
04) Almost always manicured nails
05) Slight goatee
06) Losing weight
07) Slightly tanned skin
08) Been told I have nice legs and a cute butt.
09) Scar on my right eyebrow from accident when I was a baby
10) Scar on my upper lip from accident when I was in high school

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) Sushi/Sashimi
02) Red/Black beans and rice
03) Cuban food
04) Vodka martini
05) Sam Adams beer
06) Orange juice
07) Oysters
08) Long Island ice tea

Seven things you wear daily:
01) Shirt
02) Tie
03) Contacts or glasses
04) Shoes
05) Watch
06) Boxer briefs or regular briefs
07) Sunglasses

Six things that annoy you:
01) Religious freaks
02) Political freaks
03) Jersey/Pennsylvania/Maryland drivers
04) Incompetence
05) Slobs
06) Lazy people

Five things you touch everyday:
01) My girlfrined’s ass when I give her the love pats
02) My steering wheel
03) Keyboard at work and home
04) My head
05) My contacts

Four shows you watch:
01) Star Trek (any series or movie)
02) The Apprentice
03) Anything Discovery, TLC or FoodTV
04) Simpsons

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
01) Salma Hayek
02) Marisaa Tomei
03) Asia Carrera

Your Two Favorite Aspects About You:
01) To quote an ex “You have the patience of a rock”
02) I am always willing to try anything at least twice

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
01) Asia Carrera of course. 😀

8 replies on “Thirteen to one”

[05) A big plate of hummus and some pitas]

Mmmm…roasted red pepper hummus wraps are the best!

[01) Asia Carrera of course. :D]

I didn’t know who this was. So, I looked her up. Very sexay and brainy 🙂

[04) Stone Temple Pilots]
I saw Steve Wieland sing with the Doors original members on VH1 awhile back ::fans self:: I must say, he impressed the hell out of me. I was quite amused when I found out what STP first name was (or was suppose to be). Naughty boys they are 😀

hey it’s the girl formly known as da_bwat 😉
wanna readd me?

Oh yeah! A roasted red pepper hummus wrap would be sooooooo nice now.

Asia most definitely is. I believe she’s in Mensa as well.

Wieland is a really awesome guy. Too bad their music is not as good as it used to be back in the day, but it’s still a kick ass band regardless.

I love all your movie favorites. I wished I’d thought of a few of those when I made up my list! The only one I’m not familiar with is03) Things to Do in Devner When You’re Dead, all the others rock!

09) Scar on my right eyebrow from accident when I was a baby

I totally forgot about my own eyebrow scar. Mine is on the left and from a nasty car wreck in 1995.

02) Red/Black beans and rice

Do you have a Popeye’s in your area? They make the best red beans and rice. I live next to one! =D I wish they were open now…THANKS ALOT! ;P

“Things to DO in Denver” is a GREAT movie. It’s got Andy Garcia, Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Walken, Fairuza Balk (*rowr* *rowr*), Steve Buscemi and a whole slew of other fine actors. Some people didn’t like it very much from what I understand, but I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Hmmm, no Popeye’s in my area, but I have had their red beans and rice. I’m of hispanic decent so I’ve had (and can make) way way way way way better. But it’s good for folks that don’t have access to some down home Latino cookin’. 🙂

=( I want down home latin red beans and rice.

I’ll have to see that movie I like all of those actors/actresses!

Hehe, one of these days I’ll post up the way I make em. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make them absolutely from scratch, but with a Goya can of red beans and a few other tidbits, it’s excessively easy to make it. 🙂

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