Umm hello?

Ok, can someone explain to me why Angelina Jolie is considered the sexiest woman in the world? I just do not get it. I’ll admit that she is attractive, but she is no way the end all and be all of sexy women. Now if it was Salma Hayek or Anna Nicole Smith back in the modeling Guess jeans day or heck, even Carmen Electra… That’s a different story. Angelina, I just don’t get it.

Actually, what do you consider sexy in another person? I’ve always been interested in what other people consider sexy.

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she’s got a different look about her. i love selma but she and anna and even carmen have those facial features that are generically attractive. i don’t see angelina that way and that’s why i find her to be one of the hottest women i’ve ever seen. and b/c she’s a little creepy. i think that’s attractive too.

ani difranco is the woman i consider to be the hottest thing ever and if you’ve seen her, you’ll see that she definately doesn’t have those generic features.

For me, sexy starts on the inside. The more I get to know someone, the more physically attractive they become. I’ve been asked if I have a “type” and the answer is no. I’ve dated guys who were tall, short, skinny, fat and obese. The only thing they had in common was intelligence (because it’s one of my requirements).

I’ll agree with you on the Angelina Jolie thing though – I don’t get it either. I find Catherine Zeta-Jones *much* more sexy.

But then again, I’m odd. 🙂

I find sexiness in attitude more times then not
someone can have a “great” bod but still not be sexy if they are full of themselves…

my boy says I’m sexy…I know it’s not for my bod…so it’s gotta be my attitude *lol*

Now…what I find attractive physically…I have a thing for girls with flat tummies – not all muscular or anything – just there….and guys…that’s a tough one…long hair is a grabber and a spankable ass 😉

It’s funny ’cause my husband feels the same way about Angelina as you do…he doesn’t see it. Whereas I think she’s luscious, and love just looking at her on a movie screen. I think for a lot of men, the sexiness that attracts them is the really obvious kind, like Carmen or Anna Nicole, but a lot of women notice the subtly beautiful quirks about other women or men, and are drawn to that. Angelina has an almost other-wordly quality.

What I personally find sexy…it’s funny, ’cause up until I met my husband, I had a typical dating pattern: I dated/had relationships with tall, caucasian, blue or green eyed blonds, but always had unfulfilled crushes on heavyset Latinos. When I finally got married (just 2 years ago) it was to a heavyset Latino, so go figure. I myself am half Scottish, half Latina, so I guess I’ve just been splitting the difference! 😉

I think A.J. is hot, but not the be-all-end-all of women. I think its the big soft BJ lips of hers that gets men (and some women!) going.

I prefer a more dark sultry look. Catherine Zeta-Jones would be a top choice. I also have a thing for Sandra Bullock.

Ok, I can understand the lips. However, her best lips by far are in Hackers. That is the only movie I have ever liked her in but it was mostly because she plated a l33t h4x0r with these huge plump lips. That’s pretty much it.

I can understand Catherine Zeta-Jones especially in that movie where she played a thief and she had to go underneath those wires. Oh yeah, you know what part I am talking about… 😉

I have to admit, I do also have a thing for Sandra Bullock. Especially in that movie with her and Benjamin Bratt where she plays a beauty contestant. I’m not sure if you heard it, but I heard that they were thinking of casting her in a movie version of Wonder Woman. Whatcha think about that?

See, the girl is also psycho. I think that’s the deal breaker for me. I mean to walk around with your s/o’s blood on you… That’s a little too much devotion for my tastes. Hmmm, I will agree with ya on Ani. However, as far as singers go, to me no one is sexier than Sarah McLachlan. *shudder* That woman oozes sexy to me. Oh and that voice… Ahhhh. *swoons*

I’ll have to agree, in another person. They must be intelligent (being a geek adds massive brownie points) for me to find them sexy. I’ve done the whole hot dumb blonde/brunette/redhead thing and while it’s fun the first couple of times, if I can’t talk to her afterwards she’s out the door.

I must agree with you too. Attitude definitely has to count… Nothing worse than someone who’s entirely too full on themselves.

Hehe, and why not the bod??

Hehe, we Latinos have a way with dee ladies. 🙂

What I find funny is that I don’t have that “Latino” look to most people. However little old spanish women always start speaking to me in Spanish and I never understood how they pick it out. If I’m hanging out in a group of people, I don’t get too much attention until either I am forced to speak Spanish to someone or it gets out that I’m Latino. Then all of a sudden the ladies start in and getting comfortable. I just don’t get it…

Yeah, CZJ was ridiculously hot in that scene in “Entrapment”. I think a very close second was “The Mask of Zorro”, she was just stunning.

Hackers was a fun (but unrealistic) movie, and we got to see her tits. 🙂 You’re right though, her lips were bigger then. I like her hair better now.

“Ms. Congeniality” was the beauty pagent one, and she looked amazing in it. Especially that scene where she comes out of the hanger after being all made up, damn! I also liked her in “While you were sleeping”. She looked sooo wholesome-girl-next-door in it, gah!

I had heard rumors of the Wonder Woman thing, not sure what happened with it though… I would LOVE to be tied up with her magic lasso though!!

“Tell the TRUTH!!!”

“Ok, you’re hot as hell and I want to do you right here….truthfull for ya?!”

Hmmm, oh yeah, that hanger scene with “Mustang SallY” was too damn good, plus that part where she tripped made it better for me for some odd reason. I guess cuz it made her seem more “down to earth” and hot at the same time.

You ever see Dave Chapelle’s old comedy bits? There was one where he was talking about being tied up with Wonder Woman’s lasso and admitting that he loved her big big titties. Holy shit that must have been the funniest bit I ever saw him do. Infinitely funnier than the “Rick James” bit.

Heh. “I’m Rick James bitch…”

I think her lips and attitude play a big role in her appeal. People seem to like the celebrities who are off the wall and reckless. If I were a man, I’d go for the Ashley Judd types though. She has such a natural beauty about her. Selma was all kinds of hot in “From Dusk Till Dawn” when she was dancing with the snake. Attitude is a big attraction for me. I also tend to have a weakness for men with dark hair and eyes.

Oooooh Ashley Judd. Or better known in the Trek community as Ensign Robin Lefler *drool*. Actually, I think that’s where she got her acting career started. I must whole heartedly agree with you too. She looks to me like she’d be gorgeous even without make-up on. Another woman with natural beauty is that Charlize Theron (sp?).

As far as looks go I think Angelina Jolie is sexy I also think Gina Gershwin is as well. Im not a big fan of Selma Hayek or Anna Nicole but there not ugly just regular to me, I guess. What is sexy just in general? or like guy girl? As far as guys go I think a good mind, a beautiful soul, a southern accent is extremely sexy to me looks arent always what is important although they do help. I have always loved personality within a guy. As for girls geesh I dont know, I have never really looked for what makes a girl sexy I guess perhaps I will leave that one to the guys 🙂


and Charlize Theron is gorgeous too I must agree with you on that but that Monster movie she starred in REALLY freaked me out I could’nt even believe that was her..*shivers*


Yeah I saw that movie. WOW did they do awesome makeup job on her. Though I’d be curious as to how much weight she really gained as opposed to the add on pieces to her body to give her that bulk.

Mmmmmm. Gina Gerson. She was perfect in Bound and now that I think about it, I love Jennifer Tilly’s voice as well… That sexy raspy voice that Demi can also pull off.

I can dig a good accent too. I must admit I’m a sucker for a British accent. Which reminds me of oh crap… What’s her name, she was in Austin Powers 1 and was married to that British guy who had sex with that hooker in real life. Gah! I hate forgetting names.

everyone finds different things on different people sexy…I dont find my body sexy at all…there’s to much of it *lol*

What’s sexy to me is:

1) Someone confidence and purpose
2) A sense of humor and can laugh at himself…though doesn’t knock himself = low self confidence.
3) Strength, inner and outer.
4) Quick wit and knowledge of the world

1) Dark brown to black hair
2) Long legs and a smooth gait
3) A knowing smile with understanding, intense eyes

It’s kind of funny – when you’re younger, the cute/dumb type is fun. As you get older, you realize that while madmonkeysex is nice, being able to talk to someone afterwards is much nicer.

Jolie…? hmm I dunno bout her.. I’m watching the tony danza show right now and I’m drooling.. LOL… damn he gets better with age…!

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