That’s a mighty ass whoopin’

Wow, so the Yankess manage to blow a freaggin’ 3-0 game lead and make history as the first time to allow it to happen. To be honest, I was rooting for the Yanks only because I despise Boston so much. However, I’m a Mets fan and at least we were able to beat Boston and send those babies home crying when we needed to.

I most certainly have to give credit to the Red Sox for accomplishing this feat and also give me a good reason to shut the Yankee fans in my life up. I mean how huge an insult can this be to a Yankee fan now? Most of the people here at work are all down and depressed and I’m walking around with a smile on my face. No one dares mention anything to me because all I have to say is 3-0. Heh.

Now, I hope Houston kicks St. Louis’s ass tonight. This way, Roger and Houston can completely trounce on Boston. While I can respect the Red Sox for getting the job done when they had to in the ALCS, I still want the team to lose miserably in the World Series. The curse can still live on my friends…

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I don’t really care about baseball one way or the other. But I think at this point, I want Boston to win just out of pity. 100 years is a long time for a stupid curse, I hope they break it.

Well, not that I’m a huge sports fan…I tend to only really watch the big games…but I’ve always been an O’s fan even though they suck. So, naturally, I’ve hated the Yanks all my life as well. So, I was so happy to see them lose it all. Especially since Mike Mussina left us just to win the World Series and get a Cy Young award and has he done either?? Nope! So, we don’t like Boston much either, but I’m glad they won outta the two!! 🙂

It was rediculous at my school last night. We bordered the point of rioting. Police came and everything just to calm everyone down. At my school, it’s split 50/50 between Boston and NY fans. Personally, I was hurt. All the Sox fans kept talking $%&* when they haven’t even won the series. I’ll tip my cap if they win the series…that’s when I feel that they’ll have earned bragging rights.

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