Not a good day

We had to let go of someone here at work and it’s pretty amazing how fast one can get fired once they get on someone’s bad side. This, of course, happens all of the time in corporate America. However, in the place where I currently am employed, you have to try real damn hard to get fired. This person rubbed the head hancho the wrong way which started a huge document trail where I pretty much had to seal the coffin with the last nail.

It still amazes me that in this day and age people just do not understand how closely their computer usage is tracked and stored at work. Especially with the subjects of Enron and Worldcom still fairly fresh in our minds, every corporation now has a legal responsibility over the data it keeps. No matter where you work, no matter what you do while you’re at your desk. Every single bit information that passes from your screen to its intended destination is logged and stored for who knows how many years. At this very moment in my network, I have the capability to log on, see where person A is surfing. I can grab a copy of that latest love e-mail message that person B just sent to the guy she is having an affair with. Or I can swipe a copy of that confidential report that person C is about to mail to our competitor. Sick eh? Let me tell you folks, I can probably do the same at your job right now if asked to by higher ups because they need the “proof” to fire someone.

Unfortunately, this person in question had a bad habit of surfing places where they shouldn’t be surfing. Or rather, attempting to surf places they shouldn’t have done on company time (we set up transparent proxies which blocked all of his attempts, yet recorded them). In the past, I discreetly let them know that this was wrong and it was in their best interest to stop, and they did. In the end, though, this is what did them in since they could not stop.

Of course, I could have also gone to the rather salacious 6 month e-mail exchange between them and their significant other’s relative as well, but I didn’t have the heart to make that public. I wound up shredding them after I did the e-mail restores, however they are still archived. This person thought that simply deleting the e-mail would be enough, but no. Most mail servers keep deleted mail for a decent amount of time in case it needs to be recovered. They did not know this fact.

Let me tell you that this is one part of my job that I despise. I don’t like digging for information to be used in this way towards someone I work with. If you happen to do anything that you really do not want others at work finding out about you, trust me, do not do it. If you value your job and you have to pay to put food on the table or place a roof over your head, be very very careful what you do.

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Man, I knew there was another reason I just friended ya.

I do the same thing. We monitor (when we have time) internet usage. We have people blocked from certain sites and monitor all traffic. Every block gets logged.

Check this out, the VP of my company, literally spends 6 hours a day looking at porn. Or at least he used to. The President knows about it and just tells us to keep blocking him. It is ridiculous the amount of time this guy wastes and the number of virus’ that get blocked on his computer.

It amazes me.

Wow. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me. Higher ups tend to think they’re “above the law” with regards to matters such as this.

Just makes you wonder I say.

It really surprises me how many people that I work/have worked with will send each other (and me) emails trashing the boss, or the higher ups in the company, or each other…you’d think they’d know better. I never write anything that I don’t mind anybody seeing (my life is pretty much an open book with all of them) but as far as trashing co-workers or bosses, I’m not *that* stupid. If I get one like that, I don’t reply. I think I would get a big kick out of it if I got to be the one who read the salacious emails though…I’m nosy!

Hehe. 🙂

At my last job, we actually had to screen and read e-mails during certain parts of the year (lots of sales people would try and steal each other’s clients) and you should have seen the porn pics and dirty e-mails that these people sent. The funniest part was that the dirtiest stuff were from the female executives that everyone pegged as “bitches” because of their attitudes and the way they treated their underlings.

Since it was all guys in our dept, we didn’t say a word when these mails came though of course. *lol*

Wow, what an interesting job. In another lifetime I used to work with a bunch of tech guys, and it was nice because you’re right, guys don’t talk about the stuff they dig up.

Btw, what’s a transparent proxy? (If it’s too complex to explain in two sentences, then don’t worry, I’ll ask around and find out…)

Yeah, in my past experiences, guys rarely give up dirt they find unless we are forced to by management. It’s just not cool to rat out people you have to work with unless they are utter assholes. However most people have learned never to piss off the network or IT guy at their job because we can essentially make their lives a living hell. *lol*

Hmmm, the easiest way to describe a transparent proxy is this.

Normally, when you are proxied, you need to go through another machine to get onto the internet, it’s usually done by typing the ip address and a specific port on another server (the proxy.) The drawback to this is that some users can bypass that by simply unchecking a setting in their browser (if it’s allowed). In a transparent fashion, it’s done at the firewall level where the firewall is forced to move the normal web browsing port (usually port 80) to the proxied port so no one can bypass it even if they try to.

Think of it as two type of road detours.

One of them involves simply placing traffic cones at a certain spot where some driver gets out of his car and moves a traffic cone to get through. Some will most likely follow and avoid the detour, but most will continue on the detour path. That’s like a normal proxy. There’s a way around it if you know how to do it.

The other is where a cop stands on the road block forcing you to take a detour to get to your destination. Unless you want to get arrested, you follow his direction. That’s sort of a transparent proxy.


Hey, I like you… you’re a techie who can actually talk to laypeople about your trade. Pretty cool. 🙂 And thanks for the explanation.

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