I admit…

Seen this on da_bwat’s live journal. Looks like fun. 🙂

I admit… that I cry every time I see “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “The Cutting Edge.”
I admit… that I lost my virginity while watching “Silence of the Lambs.”
I admit… that a good friend and myself had sex in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room while she was trying out new outfits for her b/f.
I admit… that my first girlfriend and I were huge horndogs that liked doing it in public places, including: mall dressing rooms, NYC subway cars, parks, *every* building on the Rutgers Busch campus, on a plane, at the Statue of Liberty and a few other choice places.
I admit… that I was so drunk once, I fell asleep on a girl while going down on her.
I admit… that I was baptized a Mormon when I was 5 years old.
I admit… that I really can’t stand religion and politics. Especially those that try to force it down your throat.
I admit… that one time I fell asleep at the wheel after partying in NYC while driving my dad’s car and kissed the guard rail on the Jersey Turnpike. The damage was in excess of 6 grand.
I admit… that I miss my best friend whom I haven’t talked to in five years so much that it hurts.
I admit… that I took a 20k pay cut to work where I am working now, but am free of stress, play with the latest toys and software and I honestly love it much much more than making that extra money.

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hahah that is funny that you fell asleep while going down on a guy because I did the same thing. I had like 5 too many drinks and passed out.

hhaha that is suppose to say while you were going down on a girl…. haha I need more coffee damnit!

LOL! You know, I was just about going to write a reply with the correction as well! No worries, either way it definitely sucked when that happened… 😀

[I cry every time I see “When a Man Loves a Woman”]

I bought the sound track when it came out. Good movie. Andy Garcia is such a gorgeous man.

Yeap, he’s a good lookin’ cat too. Plus this is the only movie where I acted hated Meg Ryan. Meaning, she played her character so well, I really did not like her.

You are not the only man that cries at the movie “The Cutting Edge” (That is the one about the hockey player turned ice skater?)…..

I don’t know what it is about that movie but several men in my life have cried at that. (I didn’t).

What about it makes you cry?

Hehe, well not all out bawling type of crying, but at the very end when he’s talking to her and letting her know how he feels for her and then they win, I always get a few tears in my eye. I don’t know what it is specifically about that movie (but that actress is SOOOOOO hot!), but it always gets me.

I admit… that I really can’t stand religion and politics. Especially those that try to force it down your throat.

Ahh, me too. We’ll get along just fine, I think. 🙂

Thanks for sharing these – they were interesting.

a thousand hail mary’s and you will be set free my son …hehehheheheh
oh my
I admit, to re-gifting a gift a good friend gave to me.
I also admit I once had two guys I was seeing, both named Andy.
Oh my don’t get me started…

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