SNL, What happened to you?

I’m flipping through the channels now and found tonight’s SNL which I think is a best of for that news guy (Jimmy something or other I think). You know, ever since Will Farrell left this show just sucked even more than anything. Why won’t they just let it die already?

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I agree with you, though Jimmy Fallon is pretty funny. When Will Farrell and Sheri O’Teri (SP?) left I was devastated, the spartan cheerleaders were the best. What is TV coming to?

Endless amounts of reality TV. I’m surprised that the actor’s unions arent up in arms since essentially, the television actor may get pushed out of the way because of all of these reality tv shows. These shows are making money hands over fists and they don’t “have to” hire a real actor anymore. Granted TV is shit anyway, I’m just surprised.

I hate the fact that we have DirectTV and STILL can’t find anything good to watch on Sunday afternoons. I’d rather make it a Blockbuster Day/Night and cut some of the channels out of our package. Good quality TV is hard to find these days…

Aw, Jimmy Fallon is sexy! However, that does NOT mean that I will be shelling out any $$$ to see him in his new movie with Queen Latifah…my appreciation only goes so far…

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