Ok, everybody do their collective “Awe” with the cute puppies on top… There, that’s much better. 🙂

The reason for the change is pretty much my own doing. See, I was running WordPress 1.3a2 on this site up until yesterday at which point I upgraded to 1.3a4 which I hoped contained the security fixes that are available in WordPress 1.2.1 (BTW, you should get 1.2.1 if you have not upgraded yet). I was also running the ever so funky and cool Kubrick theme at the same time which took very well to 1.3a2. However, much wonkiness ensued after I upgraded to the latest CVS version or WordPress. Of course, these things are to be expected when you’re playing with pre-release alpha versions of any software, so it was not a problem in the least bit for me. I know that when WP 1.3 official is released, a compatible Kubrick theme will be as well and things will be right again.

So, I reverted back to the default template and then switched to one of the many free stylesheets available at Alex King’s site. This particular theme that Helga Cleve created really caught my eye, so I grabbed it, made a few personal tweaks and voila!

Again, if anyone notices anything funky, please let me know.