Let the games begin!


In case no one has heard, Howard Stern announced that as of January 1st, 2006, he will be part of the Sirius satelite network. At the moment their website is down (Slashdot effect has got nothing on the Stern effect I have noticed with web sites), but I can only imagine their stock is going to zoom up today.

Unfortunately, Opie & Anthony signed up with XM a few months ago and that’s where I’m going to… Oddly enough, both Stern and O&A look like they will be in the same time slots. Interesting indeed!

3 replies on “Let the games begin!”

Yeah it seems my Stern listening days of numbered. I’ve been an XM subscriber for over a year and unfortunately, exit/entry costs are too high for just Stern to justify me jumping the fence to Sirius. Ah well – still have about a year to listen to him.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. How much is it to leave XM? Hmmm, well at least you have Opie & Anthony now, who I think are way better than Stern and vrew.

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