Why would you do it?

I’ve got a few friends who in the past year or so decided it was high time to leave good old Jersey and head down to the warmth and “paradise” that is Florida. I’ve been to a number of places on Florida in the past and personally, I can’t see why anyone in their right mind would ever want to move down there. It’s god awful humid, you need cars to get anywhere, there’s nothing but old people on the highways, every once in a while you see them good ol’ Confederate flags displayed on houses, there’s tourists anywhere and most importantly, it’s the red-headed step child when it comes to US States getting bitch-slapped by hurricanes.

We (myself and all of our buddies) had told everyone who was making the move down there this specific detail. If you move down there, chances are you’re going to lose your place in some storm sooner or later. With the recent weather that’s been going on down there, every single one of my friends who was stupid enough to move there came back. Granted these friends lost pretty much all of their stuff, we all found it very hard to feel sorry for them. I mean it sucks to lose your life’s work, but when you willingly place yourself into a situation in which the outcome is most likely that you’re in danger, wouldn’t common sense tell you to avoid that situation in the first place?