Hot girls in cars

Is it wrong to think that a very attractive platinum blonde with bright red lipstick driving a souped up 70’s Monte Carlo has to be amazingly great in bed?

I was coming home from work the other day from work and noticed this woman driving behind me for a while on the Turnpike and could NOT stop looking at her. Then of course your imagination goes heywire, but I just know she’s got to be freaggin amazing in bed. I actually feel the same way about other women driving pick up trucks and older hot rods. I mean it takes a very strong sense of self-confidence to strut your stuff in those cars. Probably the best reasons I feel like this is that the women I slept with who drove cars similar to these were FREAGGIN’ unbelieveable in bed. Ahh the good ol’ days. 🙂

4 replies on “Hot girls in cars”

What do you drive?

Maybe I should have your license plate # just in case I get stuck behind you in traffic I want to know it’s you. ;-p

I used to drive a pick up truck. ha ha ha… Only got rid of it b/c #1 it was a POS and #2 someone rear-ended me and totaled it. lol

Heh. Well #2 kind of seals the deal for ya. As long as you came out of it ok is all that matters!

Hehe… I actually drive a white 2000 Altima with a linux fish on the back if you ever see one. I think it’s the only one in existence. The best is when people behind me figure out what it is and give me a thumbs up. Heh.

Though one of my dream cars is a sleek black old school Camaro similar to the black Camaro in “Better Off Dead.” That would be such a bitchin’ ride. 🙂

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