The Apprentice: Season Two

Is it me or does this season not do it for you after watching the first episode? Hands anyone?? Mine are way the hell up.

Devina made a comment about these candidates looking too much like actors and I agree with her perspective. I was in favor of Bradford, but then the dumbass talked and came up with that retarded football idea. None of these people do it at all for me, though that dude with the bowtie has some moxie.

Also, why did they concentrate on selling to boys? I mean, wouldn’t a PlayStation or XBox be more than enough for any kids nowadays?

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I haven’t watched the newest season of the Apprentice, but then again, I’m not interested because of all the points you mentioned. They DEFINITELY look like actors, and they even looked like actors in the first one. Everyone was gorgeous back then too. Plus, the show’s really lost it’s appeal…just like how a rollercoaster isn’t as thrilling the 20th time you go on it.

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