Integrating service pack files in to base install

I was looking for ways to slim down some drive space on my laptop and found a very nifty procedure for merging Windows XP SP2 into my base install.

I’m not sure if I am the only person who does this out there, but out of habit, I keep a copy of the i386 directory for XP (or 2000 on my work machine) on the C drive. This way if I have to install something or remove some stuff, with a registry change:

SourcePath :: Change to drive i386 is located

I can have XP just nab the files it needs rather than hunt down that pesky CD. I also keep an uncompressed copy of the Service Pack files on the same drive as well. So it turns out that is you simply go to the i386/update directory of the service pack and run this command:

update /integrate:X:[path]

Where X is the drive and [path] is the path leading go the i386 directory, the updater will update all of the files in there to Service Pack levels. 🙂

So on my machine, I have the i386 folder right at the root of the C drive. The command I typed was:

update /integrate:C:

Thirty seconds later, I had a spiffy SP2 enabled base install of XP on my system freeing up a good 300mb of space.

If you also want, you can get rid of any Service Pack archives and uninstall files within the Windows directory as well. Doing that sloughed off a good 1.5gb on my laptop.

Of course if you want to try this out, make sure you backup anything important. Then again, most of you probably already know this little tip. 🙂