Bad boys, bad boys…

I just got back from a Microsoft course seminar I went to this morning and noticed Cops was on TV, so I decided to watch it and holy shit! Is it me or is it a hell of a lot gorier in the daytime than it is at night? Today’s was a homicide special and they were showing people that were just shot and found. There was this one poor girl that was shot and they showed her body slumped on the ground against a curb. They didn’t bother fuzzying up the actual gun shot area (the face yes though) so you saw the wound and all of the blood surrounding her body. They were taking evidence samples so you saw her blood soaked hands dripping and just stuff I didn’t think could be aired at 3:00pm while kids are most likely flipping through the channels. Then they showed some poor liquor store clerk who was shot as well. Again, they blurred the face, but everything else was clearly visible. I swear you could even see chunks of the guys brains on the floor.

Is it me or is this just the wrong thing to be showing during daytime network television? Then again, even earlier during the day I’m sure the Jerry Springer types of shows aren’t any better.