I’ve got some good news

There’s been a lot of talk here in Jersey about many many things. One I won’t go into just yet because it gets weirder and weirder every day and it looks like it will be a long time before things can get to a level where people can really see what happened.

Another is the fact that Geico has finally started writing auto policies in our lovely state. I’m not sure if many of you know, but we folks here in Jersey pay either the highest or close to the highest auto insurance rates in this country. To illustrate this fact, a few years ago right after I lost my car in a hit and run accident, I was paying close to $4500 per year for my auto insurance. Yes, you read that right. Four thousand five hundred dollars for a 26 year old male living in Northern New Jersey and let me tell you, that fucking sucked. When I switched to AllState last year, my rate dropped down to $3600 for the year. True it sucked, but it was a hell of a lot better than what I was paying the year before.

Having Geico come into the state however, caused a great deal of concern for most residents (including me). See, Geico and many other auto insurance companies use credit-scoring as a basis for giving you a good or bad deal on your insurance. It seems to these companies that the better your credit rating, the better and safer a driver you are. Personally, I do not agree with these sentiments, but to each their own I suppose.

So last week, I decided to get a quote from Geico and holy ef’fing shit was I shell shocked. My initial quote from the site was $2400 for the year and this was guessing at what my current coverage entailed. It turned out I chose much higher coverage amounts than what my current insurance plan with AllState contained. So after a bit of tweaking and some chatting with the Geico rep, my final amount for coverage this year is:


Oh yeah, half of what I paid the year before. You can not believe how fast I switched. To some of you, this may seem like an insane amount, but compared to what I paid the past two years in auto insurance, I made out like a bandit.

Now I understand those silly Geico commercials…

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I live in Central Jersey and feel and know your pain. My wife spaced out a few years ago and bumped someone from behind. The next thing we knew her rate skyrocketed to over $3600. She had a great credit score, a master’s degree and an otherwise clean driving record, but that didn’t mean anything to any insurance company in NJ.

But back in 2000 we found that because she had been a member of an honor society at Rutgers that she was eligible to be covered by a company called Palisades Insurance which had a special exemption with New Jersey insurance rules. They were able to cut her rate to less than $1400. Palisades Insurance is owned by Geico. God bless Geico!

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