Dropping bombs

Woah… Talk about coming way out of left field.

New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay

I’m completely stunned by this bit of news. Bet it’s going to make for an interesting commute in the morning on the radio station I listen to. Apparently, there’s a major lawsuit involved with this news as well, which is perhaps why he decided to resign. Can’t wait to hear what that’s all about.

You know, only in Jersey…


The plot thickens it appears. I’ve heard in several places now that ex-advisor Golan Cipel was going to submit sexual harassment charges against the governor today, so I guess McGreevy headed it off at the pass. I guess that’s who McGreevy had the affair with and it might explain why Golan mysteriously resigned some time ago.

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Lets just say this is not new news. Some members of law enforcement members (state police) had been escorting him around with this Golan guy sometime ago. I was told that this was the case from some members of the force.

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