How not to teach Calculus

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but it is the absolute most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life. What gets me most is the horrible cue card reading and the fact that she can not for the life of her say “integral” correctly. I really don’t see anyone learning from this, but it’s definitely fun to look at. Though if you plan on using a trampoline to get a point across, you should really be a Juggie to get that “full” effect. I hope they don’t try and get into quantum physics or anything like that…

Note that you’ll need BitTorrent to download the file. I prefer ABC out of all of the clients out there.

Found via MetaFilter.

One reply on “How not to teach Calculus”

That is great. What I like about it is the different layers of jokes. You can tell they didn’t care about being “too serious” And I will never forget integration measures the area under the curve. Ohh that area under the curve. 😉

The web site says one of the girls has masters in nuclear engineering from MIT. WOW!!!

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