Well, hazaa hazaa

Have you hugged your system administrator today? Well, sure that may seem a little odd, but today is System Administrator Appreciation Day and let me tell ya folks, I am sure glad a day like today exists. We’re a very underappreciated bunch ya know. 😉

So, if you’ve noticed that you’ve never really fallen prey to viruses at work. If you have noticed that you rarely have problems with your e-mail. If things are usually pretty smooth PC-wise at work, go up to your System/Network/E-Mail/LAN/Database/(Insert computer term) Administrator, say “Thanks” and/or shake their hand. If you’re so inclined, give them a hug (watch out for those silly lawsuits though). If you really want to show your appreciation, a nice present or free lunch (or dinner) always warms our hearts in that same way as getting those fresh new speedy servers to play with. 🙂 To quote ThinkGeek:

Sysadmins – the backbone of the backbone of our new global reality. 21st century technological sorcerers you might say. Sysadmins are equally at home deftly maneuvering through tangled infestations of PBX and networking cables to find a faulty jack as they are battling against the latest, most vicious viruses that hit the email scene. They are veritable unsung server room heroes!

Sysadmins come in all shapes, sizes and varieties (though some might suggest there is a general tendency on the shape question to possess a bit of ‘mirth’ around the midriff). Moving along, it’s important for the good of the entire Universe to spend a few moments each day and grok your local Sysadmin. Economies and governments depend on it! Believe us, the only thing worse than neglecting your local Sysadmin is incuring his/her wrath. A Sysadmin with realized wrath distribution potential is even deadlier than hyper-killing ninja bunnies unleashed on a colony of legless mice on Valium. It’s just not pretty.

Oh yeah… Let me tell you about that wrath folks. We can be a very very mean bunch. 😉