Implementing asides

Please excuse any funkyness like the entry below over the next couple of days.

I’m in the middle of implementing Photo Matt’s asides onto this blog. With work and all, it’s getting harder and harder to blog every time that I would like to. However this way, if there’s a cool little link snippet I find, I can always post it up very quickly via my trusty WordPress bookmarklet. 🙂

UPDATE: Actually, because of my weird template, I couldn’t really implement PhotoMatt’s asides without doing a major rework of the code in my template. Instead, I opted for Markku Seguerra’s excellent Recent Links plug-in for my needs. It was a very easy install and configuring it wasn’t a hassle at all. It’s definitely good seeing how the more recent plug-ins that are being developed for WordPress seem to Plug and Play so well with the interface.

I also turned on the Login and Register functionality of this blog but I really have no idea what it does. Let me know if anything wonky happens with that. 🙂

UPDATE: Hmm, looks like registering does nothing on this site other than let you fill out a profile, so I turned it back off.