E-85 anyone?

I’m not sure if your gas prices are past 2 bucks, but around me I just saw a sign for regular gas ringing in at a cool 2.15 a gallon. This is getting a wee bit ridiculous as I remember a time just a few years ago where I could get gas for less than a buck around my area. Given that Americans are still buying SUVs at an increasing rate, this price is not going to go down in the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing more than 3 dollars per gallon before the end of this year at the rate the prices are creeping up lately. Imagine that? Three dollars per gallon?!

Well, it seems like you can be one of the lucky people out there who own one of the alternative E-85 fuel powered cars. Ironically enough, many of these vehicles where you could save at the pump are the larger sized cars such as SUVs, vans and trucks. Heck, at around 85 cents a gallon, I would buy one of those alternatively powered cars…

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Well, it’s about that here outside DC, Dave. 2.12 is what I paid yesterday. And that was one of the cheaper stations. I’m sure in the city itself, it’s jacked up much more. I think I need to get a bicycle and just start pedaling . . .

Oh goodness! I’m lucky to find it around here for less than $2.25 a gallon, and some places it is closer to $2.40.

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