NetGear WG602 vulnerability

During my usual daily checks of various security web sites, I happened to stumble upon this:

Netgear WG602 Accesspoint vulnerability

I have this specific access point here in our apartment, so I decided to give the exploit (well a backdoor really) a whirl and wouldn’t you know it, I’m vulnerable… Grrrrr. I tried to connect to it from an outside IP address (not within my LAN) and fortunately it’s not available from the outside. However, it still bothers me that this was never disclosed originally and ANYONE who is using this specific access point (especially in a public or corporate setting) better just use something else for now. I would imagine once this back door makes itself more well known to the public, NetGear will immediately issue a fixed firmware.

For the techy types out there, I highly recommend you subscribe to the SecurityFocus Vulnerability RSS feed and check it out on a daily basis. Granted, many of these vulnerabilities are for pieces of software or hardware that I do not use, sometimes they literally hit too close to home for comfort.