Ladies nights unlawful

Ahhh New Jersey.

Home of ultra high insurance premiums, ridiculously high property taxes, insane prices for small single family homes, legal political bribery and now my friends, home of a law finding “Ladies Nights” in entertainment establishments all over the state discriminatory.

Is it just me or do you find this a complete waste of time? From what I understand of the case, it all stemmed out from some cheap ass South Jersey resident who did not want to pay a five dollar cover charge at a bar. FIVE DOLLARS?!?! Personally, I can’t see how Ladies Nights are offensive to anyone and it will only hurt the industry that much more.

They made a good point in the article as well. What’s next, McDonald’s Happy Meals are discriminatory against older people? Senior citizen’s discounts offensive to younger people? Student discounts offensive to those who haven’t been to college?

One reply on “Ladies nights unlawful”

because this guy didn’t want to pay $5, the club and bar industry will be suffering for the rest of time. what an idiot. i mean ladies night promotions have been here since the cave men (according to one long island radio personality). i think he’s right – if no women go, the men will be bored right? bring the ladies, and the men will come!

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