Christmas bells are riiiinging

Continuing this weekend’s events, we decided to go into the city on Sunday to try and get some tickets for Avenue Q. We made our way to the big ol’ booth and found out that Ave Q tickets are not sold there yet, so we decided to go see Rent. Neither Devina or I have ever seen it, but everyone I know (especially her) ranted and raved about that play, so we decided on that. Before we went to the theatre, we needed a bite to eat, so we busted out my Axim armed with Vindigo and found a nearby sushi bar to conquer. Once again, Vindigo’s reviews hit the nail on the head and we wound up loving it there. They weren’t kidding about the restaurant being a part of the cocktail lounge either. It literally is an open-segmented area of a large floor filled with lots of restaurants and bars along the sides. Either way, while the menu is nothing too spectacular, the food was absolutely delicious. It’s definitely recommended by us if you’re ever in the Times Square area and the prices are not too bad for a sushi restaurant in the city.

So, after our lunch/dinner, we ventured off to the Nederlander theatre to go partake in the evening’s festivities. Our seats were on the upper mezzanine and not too shabby, since we had a good view of nearly the entire stage. The play started and it seemed like the music was way too loud in comparison to the actors’ speaking parts, so it was pretty difficult in deciphering what everyone was saying. I didn’t even realize that Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice, yes, you read it right, Scary Spice of the Spice Girls) was in the production as Mimi and man did she do a kick ass job. She’s also gained a little weight in all of the right places (what a booty!) which made her outfits a lot more appealing, especially on that stairwell dance routine she did ;). Though, I’ll have to admit that the actor who played Angel did an amazing job and we thoroughly loved him, especially in the little Santa outfit (however, the Pussy Galore costume had me bawling with laughter).

Luckily, the sound problems were fixed in the second half of the play and I have to say that Rent was truly an amazing play. Granted, my all time favorite is still Les Miserables, this one is definitely my second favorite play out of the few I have seen. I’ll definitely have to watch it again soon and hopefully with Jai Rodriguez cast as Angel.

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