Wha wha what??

I am completely amazed with the turn around of the MVC. I went in this morning expecting a huge line and lots of whiny people about ready to burn the place down (I’m not kidding) but instead, was greeted with something I would never imagine seeing in a Motor Vehicle office.

Smiling faces almost everywhere.

I have no clue how the former head of MVC Diane Legreide did it, but I have to say compared to the last time I got my drivers license renewed, this was an absolute pleasure. I stepped in and saw 2 people at the Info desk (in the past seeing anyone there was a rarity) who were busy shuffling people to their respective lines. I went up, showed my documents, he signed it and I went off to my line. There were roughly ten people ahead of me, but they went through the line like no one’s business. In ten minutes I was sitting back down waiting to be called for my photograph. Fifteen minutes later, I got called up and I chatted with the girl for a few minutes, then paid my twenty-four dollars and finally attempted to look pretty for my new picture. I then got to approve my picture and signature and again sat down to wait for my card. Five minutes later, she called my name, I had my nifty new digital drivers license and was on my way out the door when I was stopped by a supervisor asking me to fill a survey. While I was regaling their praises on the survey, several of the staff workers started singing “Happy Birthday” to someone who was renewing their license. It turns out at this particular MVC office, it’s a tradition for the staff to sing that song to people if they find out it’s their birthday on that day.

In and out of a New Jersey Motor Vehicle office in roughly 30 minutes with a smile on my face… I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself.

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Holy Cow. That’s amazing. Though, I have to admit, when I last got my liscense renewed, I think it took about that long. Lickety-split. And the the old man (no, really, he looked it) helping me was very nice to me. He was cute. (;

Well! Congrats on the speedy and pleasant experience with the Motor Vehicle people! (It’s the MVA here – Motor Vehicle Association. whee.)

Barbara: Thanks! Yeah, very surprising indeed!

Craig: Not too sure why they are all called different names in different states. You’d figured they should stay with a standardized name in case people move or something like that.

Julia: Youch! Was this in Jersey? Or in NY or CT?

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