Proving one’s worth

Tomorrow before work I am heading off to the MVC (used to be called the DMV) to get my drivers license renewed. Luckily, there’s one around the corner from where I work so hopefully, I will not be too late. One cool thing is that Jersey has been giving out them new fangled digital drivers licenses for a couple of months already so I will most likely receive one tomorrow.

Preparing for it has been quite an adventure because there is a point system in place to qualify someone for receiving a license and essentially proving who they are. It’s crazy the amount of stuff you need to prove who you are now to the MVC: valid and certified birth certificate (they need to have a raised seal on them), cards up the wazoo, utility bills, eyes of newts, wings of bats… Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it seems like a whole mess of new stuff since the last time I had to renew my license. I suppose it’s a good thing because of all of the security concerns, but I have heard a whole slew of horror stories with people showing up with proper documentation and still being denied. I’m coming in ultra prepared. I’ve got:

  1. My original birth certificate (with raised seal and issues by the municipality *whew*)
  2. Current drivers license
  3. Social Security card
  4. Bank statement
  5. ATM card
  6. Health insurance/prescription card
  7. Employee ID card
  8. Cable bill
  9. Checking account statement
  10. Mail received from Dept. of Education regarding my school loans

Now if I don’t get my damn drivers license with all of this stuff, I’m shooting someone in there…

Oh, in case anyone is interested in purchasing a very well maintained and pristine Dell Axim X5 (the more powerful one), head on over to eBay. I’m putting mine up along with some nifty accessories. 🙂

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Holy CRAP, dude! You are taking all of that to get your liscense renewed? Shew. I took my notice of renewal (or die) and my old liscense. And a major credit card. Dang. Jersey is seriously whacked!!

If they don’t renew you, let me know. (; I’ll vouch for you.

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