Some said it couldn’t get better

They were dead wrong…

I just upgraded to WordPress 1.2 and I have to say, great job WP team! The upgrade was amazingly and ridiculously quick, (like a half a second) but I do have to admit that I had to change a few template tags over to newer versions. It didn’t bother me in the least bit because the new template tags better reflect what they do in the context of the code. However, I did notice that many of my comments were showing their escaped ticks (‘) as opposed to normal apostrophe. A quick check on the support forums just now and I see that this small issue will be fixed as soon as I finish this post.

As usual, if you notice any wonkiness, let me know. 🙂

3 replies on “Some said it couldn’t get better”

I’ve returned to my b2 roots and switched over to WP after you tempted me when you started this new site. oh how I missed dynamic pages…

Hey, Dave. (; Just wandered over to give you a thank you for the link to the WP styles. I have, somehow, managed to figure out my own layout. I’m so proud. (; Anyhoo. That’s all. ::runs out of Dave’s site::

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