Houston we have lift off!

It looks like the bug has been squashed. At least when I asked a few of my friends to do a once over with IE on this blog. If you happen to notice anything different, it’s the font. It turns out that the font I was using wasn’t a standard one so it caused problems. I switched to good old Tahoma for my entries and none of my friends can see the text bug again. Can anyone else out there verify?

Turns out a visit to the #web channel on the freenode IRC network solved all of my problems. A very helpful and extremely knowledgeable fellow named ‘badon’ let me know of this problem with Internet Explorer and certain fonts. Turns out he designed his company’s web site and it’s a really well thought out, accessible and compliant design. They also have a very nifty page for all to use to tell everyone about the dangers of using IE, plus instructions on how to display it on your site. Either way, I’m glad I was able to find someone knowledgeable enough to tell me what was wrong with the design rather than blowing it off as another IE issue.

So, if any of you ever have any weird problems that you want an answer to, just hop on IRC and head over to the #web channel on the freenode net. They all seem like a very friendly bunch. 🙂

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Hey, thanks for the kind words. I must say, I loved your Stewie layout so much, I just couldn’t bear to see the IE font bugs screw it all up. I guess we’re all a bunch of IRC fools eh? If you want to find me again, my nick is badon and I’m usually hanging out in the business chan.

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