God help you if I find pickles!


Like my homage to The Family Guy? I’m finally getting around to creating some skins for this site and I figured this would make a perfect second. The original layout has to undergo some tweaking before I can make that available as a skin again since I’m making a few style classes more modular to support different skins.

Much thanks to Lynne for helping me out with the header graphic like she did with my last layout when I switched domain names. I wish I remembered where I found that image up top so that I could properly credit that person. Unfortunately I can’t, but if you happen to know who did work on it, please let me know.

Things will be a little weird here over the next few days as I tweak things around so please be patient. 🙂

One reply on “God help you if I find pickles!”

ahhhhhhhhh its up!! lovin it 😉 though i think the one i sent u would have looked better.. but then again the boy didnt have feet.. just the ends of his pants HMMMMMMMMM

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