A sphincter says what?

Apologies to all this morning.

It seems this server sort of hiccuped a bit and started giving me grief. After too long of a reboot, I called in the fine folks at Ev1Servers to figure out why my baby was misbehaving so. After some coddling, positive reinforcement and the threat of a sledge hammer’s wrath, things seem to be working well now after roughly 30 minutes of downtime.

A few of my hostees have asked about the whole Movable Type situation and their blogs. There’s nothing to worry about folks, things here will continue to be a mixed bag of MovableType and WordPress for the existing peeps. With regards to upgrading to the newest version, you will have to download your own copy after filling out the proper licensing. From that point on, I could help you with your upgrade. In the past, I took care of everyone’s upgrades because it was essentially free, so it was not a big deal. Due to the new licensing though, I can not take that initial step because I do not use the product, therefore, I am not getting a license for it.

Any new people coming in however, will only be given an option of using WordPress for their blog. If you want to join the dark side and make the switch from MT to WP now, I will be more than happy to help you out. Just IM me and we’ll see if making the switch is the right option for you.

Awe man, this is some shitty news. 🙁