A mercenary’s last stand

You’re fiercely holding down the only node to allow your team to take out the enemy’s main power node. One by one, the enemy comes in with guns blazing. You’re blowing brains out left and right. Spent body parts litter your feet in this defensive bitch slap. Your health drops and a health pack shows up. You run out of ammo and the ammo locker lights up. A few rockets to the left, some flak cannon blasts to the right. You litter the ground with grenades and then you set them off all in a gory blaze of destruction and mow down the rest with the chain gun. Gunny himself would look at this display of virtual testicular fortitude with a hard-on. The announcer is yelling “double kill,” “multi kill,” “mega kill,” “ultra,” “m-m-m-monster,” “holy shit,” “godlike…” You’re in the zone and you think you can’t be stopped. Just as they’re coming in for more trying to get you to fall so that they can save their precious core…

Your screen goes black, then to your desktop and finally a lovely Unreal Tournament 2004 Bug Submit Report pops up on your screen.

God damn AMD chips…

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bwahahaha OMG I remember back in the day on my Dad’s crappy PII. Id be kickin ass on SC next thing i know.. BLUE.. faccccck

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