It’s a small world after all

How cool is this?

Memorias de un Geek

Turns out the gentleman who runs this blog (powered by WordPress nonetheless) just e-mailed me and I thought it was a hoot. It’s like the mirror mirror episode of Star Trek, though I don’t think any of us are evil… 😉 Cool eh? It’s a shame I can’t read Spanish as well as I used to because the site is very well designed. Small world though eh?

In other news, I figured out why my router died the other day. Turns out I was using the wrong power supply on the machine and it was most likely overpowering the damn thing. I just built a Windows 2003 file server for all of our media files and while I was rewiring the area to accept a new machine, I noticed that a Linksys power adapter was plugged into the cable modem. The Linksys power supply sends 5 volts and 2.0 A, (is that amps?) but the cable modem expects 12 volts with 0.75 A. So I sent 12 volts via the cable modem’s power adapter to the router that expected 5 volts. Whoops. 😯

However, now that the cable modem is taking in less than what it expects should I be worried? I’m not even close to understanding wiring and electricity, so I am not sure if this will also damage the modem. My guess is that since it’s taking in less power it’s not going to affect it badly. Or will it blow up?

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man that is kind of funny 🙂 both of you have nice sites. shame you have trouble reading the spanish. im getting good at it!

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