The beauty of open source

Over the next few weeks, the topic of Movable Type’s new pricing scheme for version 3.0 will most certainly draw very strong feelings on most blogs on the net. While I can understand SixApart’s their position in charging a good amount of change for the high end version (most likely directed towards corporate users), I’m not to fond of their excessively limited free version of their blog tool. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to SixApart over the next several months, but unless something changes real soon to that pricing structure, many people are going to jump ship and rightly so.

I’d still expect to see a great deal of MT 2.X sites out there for quite some time until a vulnerability shows up. However at that point, there may very well be a support group for users of the pre-3 versions of MT to help out with quick patches. It’ll be a true shame if SixApart continues on this road because it will only force people to leave their beloved blogging app for something better or cheaper. Personally, I’ve been using WordPress for a short while and can’t even fathom going back to MT even if the pricing were better. I suspect we’ll all be seeing that default template in a great deal more places rather quickly. 😉

You’d have to think that the timing for Google’s Blogger revamp and WordPress’s new release due out next week couldn’t be better eh?

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I just moved to WordPress as (coincidentally) my web host disallowed my MT scripts. I haven’t played with WP much except to say that it is much easier to install, and I miss multiple weblogs per installation.

SixApart – or – how to shoot yourself in the foot. They have created such a negative buzz in the community AND finally confirmed the worst fears of most power users. They are using many early adopters these days, because people were WAITING for a great new version with many features we have all seen in TypePad. They tempted us, but they didn’t deliver. Bad move 6A.

Les: Truer words have never been spoken.

Elaine: Actually, I believe they are planning multiple weblogs in this release or very soon thereafter.

Orangeguru: Yeah, not sure why they didn’t have any forethought into their planning for this release. Oh well, Les’s statement holds even more true.

Well. I had been pondering switching over to WordPress. One – Dave loves it. (; If Dave loves it that much, it has to be good. Two – rebuilding takes forEVER. (;

Sooooooo. Yeah. I suppose it’s time. ::mergh:: I wonder if SixApart even thought about how many people would – well – throw them over for this? (Yes, I know. Pro’ly not.)

I just found out a few days ago that mt is starting to charge for new versions. Woof!! That’s not going to affect us hostees, will it?

well since im part of the Dave network 😉 I dun really care whatever Dave recommends Im all for it.. Im a designer not a developer LOL

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