It’s smmmmoking!

The network is not fine at all in our little palace.

The good news is that I was here when my router started smoking yesterday, but the bad news is that the router started smoking.

Our network was running really crappy yesterday, so I unplugged the router and let it stew for a wee bit. See, sometimes the network gets really sluggish, so turning it off for a good hour or so brings the device back to it’s prior glory. When I plugged the router back in, everything started going smoothly again. Then about 5 minutes later, I heard a pop and then a spark came out from the middle of it, at which point it started smoking. I ran over and switched off the power and removed the ethernet cables from it. I waited a minute and switched it back on. Same thing… I grunted, took it apart and then chucked it into the trash after letting Devina take a whiff of burnt router parts. The warranty was well past over and I never bothered to get the “extended warranty” from the Best Buy when they offered it. So, until I get a new router, my machine will be the only PC with access to the net, kinda like this guy… After reading the entire thread I feel dumb for chucking it out in the trash. I probably may have gotten the newer version. 🙁

In a way, I am very glad it happened while I was here. If I wasn’t, it may have started a fire and then we’d have nothing. Hmm, wait a minute, we have renters’ insurance for waaaay more then the stuff in here is worth. Damn…